• Leaza jayne lloyd

Nurses are true hero’s ❤️🌈🌈

Thank you Nurse and clapping

just doesn’t grasp it anymore what a NURSE truly does.💔💔

People expect care with no respect. 💉💔

Thank you Nurse when I chose to commit suicide for being by my side and holding my hand when no family could because of COVID .💙❤️

Thank you ICU Nurse for helping me breathe when I couldn’t on my own.❤️💙

Thank you Nurse for being part of a team that saved my life .💙❤️

Thank you Nurse for taking off my make up and keeping me clean while I was sedated.💙❤️

Thank you HDU Nurse for taking me personally to a psychiatric unit when no one else would 💙❤️

Thank you Mental health Nurse for being on one to one when I no longer wanted life .💙❤️

Thank you for saving five boys Mammy. 💔💔🌈🌈

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