• Leaza jayne lloyd

Adoption the beginning of my journey


A family to call my own the beginning

the beginning journey everyone starts somewhere.

Welcome to confessions of a ragdoll it all starts with memories of the mind some good some bad but they all make up who I am and how I have got to where i have …..

.I will start with my place of birth I wasn’t born welsh I was born in Brebury Stockport it’s wasn’t an easy up bringing but enough of the negativity here is truly warm memorable moment.

I trembled with the excitement of anticipation, as I knew this was going to be it, I had waited years to call someone a family of my own. My social worker used to tell me, that’s she would walk around ringing a bell looking for a family for me to share. This was never a bad experience just the fact I was going to be so lucky and finally have a family almost the feeling of a full stocking on Christmas day, now for a poem to show exactly how that little girl was feeling

A family to share .

Excitement grew in the pit of my tummy.

I knew it was time to have new mum and dad .

Flowers were exchanged and sad goodbyes.

Tears flooded my foster carers eyes.

I knew being only six , A new journey had begun .

As my sister's sat in the car with me , I knew chapter had started.

And never again would we be parted.

In the flashes of a moving car , trees flew by blended into the day sky.

Time ticked by , the cassette player played.

Excitement turned into nervous butterflies.

But a feeling of love and happiness began to grow .

The feeling of loneliness didn't show.

The more time passed .

It felt more real,

A family of my own was in my finger tips grasp .

I hoping and praying this feeling would last.

The car slowed down , to see a street sign .

Surly this wasn't mine .

It must just a dream .

Some kind joke .

I honestly felt like a could choke .

Not out of fear , sadness or loneliness.

But this new feeling of pure love and excitement.

The little red Golf , came to sudden jolt .

I felt like I could bolt .

This huge fairy tale of a home stood tall and pretty.

Truly this couldn't be mine.

My long hair bounced around.

As I jumped for joy .

I wanted to ride on my bike,

Around this huge garden like a boy.

My new parents faces so gentle and kind .

Happiness was finally mine.

No Fake smile .

Or social worker code .

I finally had a family to call my own .

I was now a lloydette

With all the love two parents could show.

I realise now how time passes by .

My mum and dad, gave my little life chance.

Something so amazing .

Not many could understand.

So next time you doubt adoption

Please surly make it an option.

As their could be another little girl out their .

Who just only wants a family to share

Leaza Jayne Lloyd

1997 adoption

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