• Leaza jayne lloyd

When the darkness came with postpartum psychosis.

It’s her not me the tear that rolled down her cheek It told many secrets and not many lies

It’s the truth that she did seek Hours turned into days and days turned into weeks Day by day she felt slightly weak the sadness faded away

When night became day But again she did not find the truth

That she did seek All she felt was to weep She travelled many miles through her busy mind Until the beats began to stop There was no ticking as a clock

Time stood still for a moment Almost peaceful, no sadness No feeling to bare or time to care She felt the sadness seep back into her heart And she felt there was no place, no where to start

But again we still did look for the truth she did seek that made her feel so weak The feeling of loosing felt so vast All it did, was feel like it didn’t pass She fought and fought until there was no battle to win But no one knew the battle She fought with her own thoughts

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