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The petrol attack Domestic violence impacted on my future PTSD

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Again I’ve always kept quite about past And

especially the court case plus more but it’s time to tell my story of how my mental health suffered by domestic violence .

I believe and know trauma has played

A huge impact on my mind and many others suffered at his hands too.

THE PETROL You will never know the fear of petrol until is used as a weapon.  My heart pumped fear into my blood as he savagely punched and kicked at me , the desperation to curl up into a tiny ball and beg him not hurt me was all I wanted to do , only being 5ft 1 and 7 half stone I didn’t have as much strength as him but dam I  put up a fight even though he was a well-built fully grown man. The fear trembled through my body, why was he punishing me making out I was something I wasn’t I could understand as petrol poured down my face like explosive tears , burning my skin like tracing paper, all delicate and young. The sensation of petrol burning and sizzling my hair, felt as if it was dream of reality instead of the cold blunt truth, I know I saved my own life I would have been dead if I hadn’t gone and got I the shower to deter the action as he had gone to look for a lighter and it would have been bye , Lloydy (the nick name my friends give me ) I truly believe you can love or try to love anyone you cross paths with, whoever and whatever they are, it’s a human need to see the best in your partner but I always tried to see the best in people so bad .

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