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An insight of Bipolar from the outside a personal account ❤️

So you'll have days where you are still in the fast lane because you’re used to that lane..and you may even like it!

But you’ll learn to drive at 60 mph instead of 90.

The way I see it is that you've had some experiences in your past that were never dealt with

You have been revving that pocket rocket engine of yours at 90 miles an hour ever since.

There have been a couple of times along the way where you've overheated.

Thenyou’ve cooled down and you’ve carried on.

But you’ve had the wrong kind of fuel. This time you’ve overheated almost to the point of burning out.. but you got into the repair garage just in time!

And you’ll do 30 when conditions say you need to.

You'll recognise that warning sign in the distance and you'll break gently before you get there..then speed up again when it's safe to do so.

Instead of a) doing an emergency stop

or b) crashing.

You get frustrated behind the slow coaches. Written by Jessica S.

Drawn image by Charley.

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