• Leaza jayne lloyd

Bipolar and manic me

Myself during a Bipolar manic episode . An extreme of a paradise type of feeling , incredible on fire eurphora type of energy bouncing, loveable ecstatic fun happy burning into a huge fireball of colours , rainbows and glitter. The racing of thoughts and ideas in #Exeter .then coming from there ,questioning everything about life being a mum kept me going but #bipolar took over and I was going out sober to fit in with drunk people at #Christmas the music just didn’t stop . I find it difficult to remember people and certain feeling and actions that I committed . It was only when Christmas stopped people sobered but I didn’t because I wasn’t drunk just high on life no need for sleep, no need for food or stopping dancing ....I could of danced my life away until it spirals out of control like a speeding train never stoping and racing thoughts and beliefs became faster than my feet could Dance making me physically ill and sick since then it’s been weeks of high and weeks low with no even ground. #bipolarawareness suffering behind the smile .

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