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Bipolar blogs

The more I look I find so many professional blogs but not many personal accounts mental health isn’t neat and tidy fitting into one box it’s messy and unpredictable. I want to show truth on my blog , the hurt, the creativeness , the lows , the highs , the psychosis . The picture is a time line of my illness from left to right left to right showing to darkness of bipolar.

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Playing with Poetry

My body screamed as if a hot iron rod, had been placed on my bare flesh. My heart was screaming murder How could my emotions be betrayed in such a way That tore my heart into pieces .

A little bit of love for new year ❤️

Don’t let negativity ruin your inner peace. Life isn’t easy it’s actually quite hard. It doesn’t come with a rule book Break the rules , tell someone you love them . Give your love ones a kiss and a l

Happy new year

Do you know what IAM going to make New Years resolutions and I am going to smash them •I am going publish my book •I am going to be Mother to my children again •I am going to help with my blog #bipola