• Leaza jayne lloyd

Domestic abuse poem

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

You suffer in silence with no one to hear

It’s the beginning of a life sentence to everyone you hold dear

Moments become minutes that feel like hours,

Meanwhile your soul becomes devoured

Memories become nightmare's

Friends become like dares

If you choose to life you should aware

Dreams become a distance

As you hold on to existence

Time passes by

You almost wish you could die

Life is no more

Even getting dressed

Is a chore

An icy cold chain

Became attached to my brain

Pretend, shame, fake, smiles and silent cries

Each vile comment and negative lies

My soul is torn up and almost dies

Please perpetrator give up . I want to be free

And just be alone and left be

The lies told fall on deaf ears.

Stories and self pity create no sympathy tears

One by one, two by two.

People will learn not to be fooled by you

My heart was opened so freely, I surrender my all

When the bruises began to show , I pretend it was just a fall .

The silence I feel makes me feel so alone

The shudder of fear I feel in every bone

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