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Writing my #bipolarragdoll book

It’s taken a long time to gather my thoughts and decide to write a book, Ive ‘ummed’ and ‘arred ‘LAUGHED till I have cried and cried until I laughed.

As I am currently sat in the acute ward of a South Wales hospital after being sectioned for the third time in six months I am left wondering how it got to this. I am not going to ask “why me?” I just want to tell the truth. Truth matters in this world - we lie to ourselves and others, forcing fake smiles and meaningless words.

I wasn’t sure what sort of book I should write. A deep, dark journey through my troubled mind maybe? An optimistic account of my struggles to maintain a ‘normal’ life or a whimsical journal hinting at the person I showed the world for many years.

Only time will tell. All I hope is that I can help others who may have been or are still in their own dark places.

Some of you will also have experienced violent relationships, bullying and mental health issues. You might have been called names that felt as if they were ripping your hearts out.

I am writing this book in the hope that somewhere along the way our voices will not fade on their own but join together and echo.

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